#1 Sidemount Technical SCUBA Training in Kuala Lumpur

At Qoshki Dive, we understand the importance of having great quality SCUBA diving training to make your dream come true !

Why Choose Us

At Qoshki Dive Team, we stand out from the rest. Here's what makes us your premier choice for

Commitment to SAFETY

We adhere to rigorous safety standards and protocols to ensure that your training is conducted in a secure and controlled environment. Rest assured, you're in safe hands.

Highly Qualified Team of Instructors

Our instructors are TDI-certified experts with extensive experience in technical diving. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and guiding you towards becoming a skilled and confident technical diver.

State of the Art Training Gear & Facility

We use training gear from Top-Quality Brand (xDeep, Shearwater, and HOG). We provide you with the best resources to enhance your learning experience. Plus, our KL training center boasts top-notch pool facility with 4.5 meters deep dedicated dive pool. 

Personalized Approach

We understand that every diver has unique needs and learning styles. That's why we offer personalized attention, ensuring that you receive tailored instruction and individualized support throughout your training.

Our SCUBA Diving Training Specialties

our Pick

Sidemount Diving Training

Sidemount is a specialized scuba diving course that teaches divers how to configure and use a sidemount harness and equipment for their underwater adventures. This course covers skills such as equipment setup, buoyancy control, propulsion techniques, and emergency procedures specific to sidemount diving.

Technical Decompression Diving Training

Technical diving training provide the skills and knowledge necessary to safely navigate these deeper and more complex dives, such as deep wreck, cave, and mixed-gas dives. During these courses, divers learn essential techniques, including proper gas management, decompression theory, and emergency procedures.

Recreational SCUBA Diving Training

Discover the underwater world with confidence with our Beginner SCUBA Diving courses. Learn the essential skills and knowledge for safe SCUBA diving, including equipment usage, underwater communication, and emergency procedures. Ger certified now and Join the fun underwater ! (Suitable for non-swimmer as well)

Reviews & Testimonials

The experience was wonderful. Instructor Faza is well versed with the topics and issues faced by any diver. Pool sessions was enjoyable and the step-by-step explanation was easy to understand and practice.

Highly recommended for those wanting to improve their SCUBA diving skills.


He was very patient and professional during my pool session as he guides me to achieve a perfect buoyancy, breathing technique as well as good finning techniques.

I highly recommended for those who want to improve their diving skills and gain confidence during diving.


Really liked the instructor's attitude, his professional course arrangement, and teaching method. Absolutely enjoyed pool session at KL.

Highly recommended!


Since I joined the program, I felt confident boost and and excited diving underwater. This is because the instructor (Mr Faza) taught me nicely and helped me understand clearly how to be a good diver and control myself underwater. Being confident and comfortable underwater will make you dive happy and get a full underwater life exploration experience. A good student comes from a good instructor. Good luck for those who want to take the diving license. Welcome to the "New World"

I recommend Qoshki Dive for those who want to take their license. 


Conducted my advanced diving license here. Very thorough and safety focused !!


The instructor provided a very structured diving course. Plus the way he delivers the materials are very easy to understand. He also showed a very high degree of patient with overcoming challenges of a new diver.

Overall I am satisfied with the service given by Qoshki Dive! 5/5 Stars to them!


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