Explore deeper, longer and more challenging underwater environment

Technical Diving Try-Out

Most divers venture to technical diving to polish their diving skills and become high capability divers

Technical Diving is a specialized type of diving that involves exploring deeper and more challenging underwater environments than those typically encountered during Recreational Dives. It requires extensive training, specialized equipment, and a thorough understanding of dive theory and emergency procedures.

Technical Diving Courses offer experienced divers the opportunity to learn advanced skills and techniques necessary for diving at greater depths and in more complex environments. These courses include diving in Sidemount or Twin Tank configuration, more than 40m depth diving, cave diving, mixed-gas diving, and other specialized training. Technical divers must be proficient in the use of specialized equipment, such as rebreathers, dive computers, and redundant gas supply systems.

Technical Diving offers lots of excitement and benefit. Technical divers are able to explore new and uncharted underwater environments, including wrecks, caves, and deep reefs. They are also able to conduct scientific research and participate in conservation efforts. Technical diving requires a high level of discipline, patience, and mental and physical toughness, and it can be a deeply rewarding and life-changing experience.

Start SCUBA Diving The Right Way

Sidemount or Twin Tank?

Why not both? 

These two Technical Diving configurations involve carrying multiple tanks and using multiple regulators. Regardless, there are differences that make each of them unique. Let's get to know each of them first before we do the comparison and identify the benefits of them.

Sidemount diving offers greater flexibility and manoeuvrability, as tanks are mounted on the side of the body rather than at the back. The tanks also can be don and doff easily while diving as they are attached using bolt-snap and bungee. Unlike twin tank, the tanks are attached to the BCD using bolt and nut, so it is fixed while diving until the tanks are detach manually on land. This make it easier for the sidemount diver to navigate tight spaces and explore caves. Further explanation about sidemount diving can be referred to this article; Sidemount Diving On The Rise.

Instead of the typically single tank backmount, twin tank is a configuration where two tanks are mounted at the back of the diver. The tanks are connected by a manifold, which allow air to be shared between the tanks if needed. Twin tank need to be use together with backplate BCD because the tanks are connected using bolts and nuts to the backplate. The bladder of the backplate BCD is bigger and has higher lift than common single tank backplate BCD. Those divers that own backplate BCD, they can use the same backplate to carry the twin tank. Just change the single tank bladder to the twin tank bladder.

Start SCUBA Diving The Right Way

Are you...

  • A diver that want to know how Sidemount Diving can Benefits your overall diving experience.
  • A diver that want to experience the beauty of Sidemount Diving in Pool first before enrolling in full course.
  • A diver looking for ways to improve finning technique (Frog & Back kick).
  • A diver looking to improve overall trim, buoyancy, and finning to enjoy more of the underwater world effortlessly.

WHAT is Sidemount Diving?

Diving configurations which the tanks are carried on the diver's side. This configurations allows divers to more easily access their tank valves and also provide a more Streamlines & Comfortable diving experience.

How sidemount can BENEFITS your overall diving experience?

Sidemount offer a range of benefits to both Recreational and Technical Diving:

  • Improved Mobility - move freely underwater as you are not restricted by weight of tanks on your back.
  • More Comfortable Diving Experience - the tanks are not pressing against your back and shoulders. This can be beneficial for divers with back or neck injuries, or for those experiencing discomfort when diving backmount.
  • Increase Safety - easy access to tanks and regulators in an emergency, and can also make it easier to perform self-rescue or assist other divers.
  • Enhance Diving Skills - learning to dive sidemount help you develop your diving skills and increase your water confidence in water. This can be beneficial for divers who are interested in exploring overhead environment (cave, or wrecks) or who want to progress more advanced diving activities.


"We Provide The Best Dive Gear Experience For Your Training"

We believe in giving you the best equipment every SCUBA Diver dream of during your training with us. As this will make you have increase confidence and get to test how a Sidemount BCD really help in achieving a greater comfort underwater.

Top of the class Diving Gear for training


xDEEP Stealth Rec

  • Top of the Class BCD for Sidemount Diving
  • Easy adjustability

Deep6/HOG High Performance Regulator

  • Balance regulator help ease of breathing underwater
  • Well maintained & serviced regulator ensuring safety and comfort on your underwater training

Shearwater Peregrine Dive Computer

  • Get to know how to read a Dive Computer
  • Know your NDL, Depth, and Time underwater


Whether you're a recreational diver looking to explore new environments or a technical diver seeking the ultimate in flexibility and control, sidemount diving is an essential skill to add to your diving repertoire.

What you can expect to gain from our Sidemount Try-Out


  • Myth that Sidemount Diving is complicated
  • Myth that Sidemount only for Technical Diving
  • Having problems in underwater trim & finning techniques
  • Not knowing how you look underwater


  • Sidemount Diving is SIMPLE & COMFORTABLE!
  • Sidemount can be used in Recreational Diving as well
  • Better underwater trim & finning techniques
  • Got your own Underwater video Feedback

This Program is Suitable for:

  • Diver that want to experience Sidemount Diving Try-Out at Pool first before investing in the Full Course.
  • Diver that want to improve underwater trim & finning techniques.
  • Diver that want to progress up their SCUBA Journey into Technical Diving.

Tentative Sidemount Diving Try-Out

10.00 AM - 11.00 AM
Land-Drill Practice & Equipment Familiarisation

12.00 AM - 1.00 PM
Wet Time - Experience Sidemount Diving in 5meters deep pool

*Training schedule every Weekend
Limited to 2 pax per session.

Join NOW to get these LIMITED OFFER!

#1 - Dive the Experience of Sidemount Diving in 5 meters Deep Pool

#2 - Learn & Practice Finning Technique on Frog & Back Kick

#3 - Learn & Practice Home-Workout Exercise To Improve Your Scuba Diving Posture

#4 - Learn & Practice on proper breathing Technique

#5 - Get the experience of using Good Quality gear!

#6 - Video Feedback after the program to help you upgrade your sCUBA Skill Set


Check what our clients say about us


In the pool, Faza was thorough in his briefings and clear in his underwater skills demonstrations. He was patient when certain skills took longer for me to perform, and adapted the skills if I found certain tasks difficult. He even taught me additional skills (as a bonus). The pool session is recorded. The recordings are used at the end of each day to discuss skills you performed well, areas you can improve on, and general tips for sidemount diving. I found this service to be the best thing about taking the course with Faza - he really wants to help you become a great sidemount diver!

I can honestly say that this was one of the most fulfilling diving course I have taken in a very long time, and a great part of that is down to Faza! I highly recommend taking your sidemount (as well as recreational or technical) diving course with him and his team at Qoshki Dive! I will certainly come back next year for my technical diving certifications!!


I had super awesome experience with Qoshki Dive Team :) Faza is very professional instructor and I learned alot. Highly recommended.

Someone need pool session in KL, have to contact to him. 4.5m deep pool ๐Ÿ‘


The instructor and his assistant really understood me as a rather slow student, especially the instructor, he was very patient. He is concerned about my weaknesses and tries to give an understanding in theory & practical. With equipment, well -equipped and nice facilities, as well as a very comfortable place. Alhamdulillah I succeeded and performed very well and received my OW followed by AOW. Am so thankful.

I recommends Qoshki Dive to anyone out there who wants to be a scuba diver. Dont worry, they are very experienced and know how to deal with various type of student. They will make sure you fully understand thus enjoy scuba diving succesfully and safely.


Is a wonderful experience having a dive course with (Qoshki Dive Team).
Is hard to use words to express the dive journey with them.

Qoshki Dive Team, give me a very good training, coach Faza he very detail to explain everything and every step, all the precautions he explained well.
In the beginning I might be a bit nervous when go into water. All the time coach Faza is well take care to a newbie like me. During the time I panic under the deep dive, coach Faza is very experienced to handle me, in short time to calm me down.

The whole journey is marvellous. For those want to get a diving license, I personally highly recommend to find a good dive academy Qoshki.


Other than the top tier gear provided by the Qoshki Dive, I have learnt a lot from them and through that process of learning I am now more confident to be close to the corals due to the better buoyancy skills and better movements underwater. The training we have on land are very hands on so the students are more likely to transfer the knowledge into their dive seamlessly and become a better diver.


Conducted my advanced diving license here. Very thorough and safety focused !!


Really liked the instructor's attitude, his professional course arrangement, and teaching method. Absolutely enjoyed pool session at KL.

Highly recommended!


The experience was wonderful. Instructor Faza is well versed with the topics and issues faced by any diver. Pool sessions was enjoyable and the step-by-step explanation was easy to understand and practice.

Highly recommended for those wanting to improve their SCUBA diving skills.


He was very patient and professional during my pool session as he guides me to achieve a perfect buoyancy, breathing technique as well as good finning techniques.

I highly recommended for those who want to improve their diving skills and gain confidence during diving.


The instructor is never be too stingy to share knowledge with you. In fact, for my course, Mr Faza shares different techniques and experiences with me. He guides me step by step until I am confident enough in the water. The service is good, and being very patient to me.

I would recommend others to take course from Qoshki Dive Team. Trust me, they will train you to be a pro!

Last but not least, the team will take good looking pictures which make you feel yourself looking very good!


Since I joined the program, I felt confident boost and and excited diving underwater. This is because the instructor (Mr Faza) taught me nicely and helped me understand clearly how to be a good diver and control myself underwater. Being confident and comfortable underwater will make you dive happy and get a full underwater life exploration experience. A good student comes from a good instructor. Good luck for those who want to take the diving license. Welcome to the "New World"

I recommend Qoshki Dive for those who want to take their license.


The instructor provided a very structured diving course. Plus the way he delivers the materials are very easy to understand. He also showed a very high degree of patient with overcoming challenges of a new diver.

Overall I am satisfied with the service given by Qoshki Dive! 5/5 Stars to them!


I was uncomfortable being underwater since my last dive was too long ago. I enroll with Qoshki Dive Program and it felt REFRESHED! The instructor (Faza) was extremely accommodating and helpful to my needs. His patience in teaching students was the highlight of my dive program because you would want to feel safe and not pressured too much when you get anxious underwater. Ms Zaidah was there too, recording our progress which we reviewed after the class, that tremendously helped us understand how we can improve out buoyancy, finning and overall trim

Thank you so much Qoshki Dive. 10/10 would recommend!


If I can sum up, my OW journey with Qoshki Dive exceeded my expectation!

From the start, I was already impressed with the clean, deep pool facilities and quality dive gears. As instructor, Faza is patient and attentive, which helped me to be more comfortable and confident doing all the skills required. For OW trip to Semporna, thatโ€™s another level of satisfaction leaving me with wonderful memories of life under and above water.

Another plus point is Qoshki Dive has a dedicated videographer which helps so much for your dive review and youโ€™ll never short of awesome photos and videos.

Highly recommend Qoshki Dive for various diving courses ๐Ÿ‘ Thank you for making my dream comes true!



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Sidemount Try-Out Program Pricing

PREMIUM 1-to-1 Coaching

Individual Registration

RM 600 /pax

One time payment

  • 1- Hours Land-Drill Sidemount
  • 2-Hrs Pool Sidemount Diving
  • SCUBA Gear Usage
  • Underwater Photos & Video

Group Coaching

2-3 pax Registration

RM 480 /pax

Save 15%

One time payment

  • 1- Hours Land-Drill Sidemount
  • 2-Hrs Pool Sidemount Diving
  • SCUBA Gear Usage
  • Underwater Photos & Video


What is the pre-requisite to do Sidemount TryOut?

Minimum certified Open Water Diver Level

Where is the Pool located?

Our pool location is at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Resort Country Club, KL. You can search it in WAZE / Google Maps for the direction.

How deep is the pool?

Maximum of 4.5 meters deep pool dedicated for Diver only.

How many people will the instructor handle per group?

Each Instructor will take care maximum of 2 participants in each group.

When is the Session conducted?

We conducted in every Weekend 10.00AM - 1.00PM

However, if you looking for different schedule, you can request on your preferred date & time (Subjected to instructor availability).